Body Weight Monitoring

High-Precision Weighing Sensor

The body weight measuring unit is a module available for PhenoMaster home cages that can be used in various contexts. Assess weight gain in response to a high-fat diet or drug exposure or study the effect of exercise measured with ActiMot3 frames or Running Wheels on body weight. It can also be used to simply monitor animal well-being during longer-lasting experiments.

The tubular housing made from red transparent material is suspended from the cage lid and flexibly connects to a high-precision weighing sensor mounted to the lid. Bodyweight is measured every time the animal enters this tube – the ultra-sensitive sensor is capable to detect even subtle weight changes. In addition to yielding valuable data, the housing provides a beneficial cage enrichment tool that animals seek out to rest and groom.


Detect even subtle weight changes..
Serves also as a cage enrichment tool that animals seek out to rest.


Drug Testing..
Activity & Exercise.
Animal Well-Being..

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Disease models

Diabetes & Obesity...