Rodent Cages and Lids

The Smart Foundation for Our Technology

The home cage principle was introduced by TSE Systems a decade ago. The idea is simple – maintaining the animal during testing in a familiar, stress-reduced standardized environment. The home cages meet or exceed international (European, American, and Asian) animal welfare standards and also create experimental conditions that strengthen the validity of results. All PhenoMaster modules are specially designed to be combined with a standard mouse and rat home cages.

The cage lid plays a major role in every PhenoMaster setup as it integrates and connects all test modules (except the ActiMot activity frame). Select between Makrolon lids that feature designated gas inlet and outlet ports for metabolic measurements (Indirect Gas Calorimetry) and stainless steel lids for non-calorimetric applications.

Lids are available for small mouse cages – TP Greenline IVC is standard – medium-sized cages suitable for rats and mice and large cages for rat-use only. Each lid features mounting holes to fix Drinking & Feeding sensors and containers, Access Control and Bodyweight modules, Running Wheels, Operant Walls or a ClimateBoard module in calorimetry experiments in a customized combination.

Lids for use with tethered animals feature special inlet ports or flaps that can be combined with our Counter Balance Arms.

Cage lids can be stored in special holders above the cage that are either part of a base frame or an ActiMot3 activity frame, making experiments changes easier.

NEW: PhenoMaster IsoCages for maintenance and testing of germ-free animals!


Home cage principle - ensuring a high level of animal welfare.
Long-term experiments under stress-free conditions.
Minimized need of human handling.
Increasing task validity and data reproducibility.
Large selection of compatible standard cages.
Flexible lids combinable with all PhenoMaster modules.

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