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Power Through Integration and Flexibility

  • Counterbalance arm

Do you need to integrate drug infusion or microdialysis into your PhenoMaster experiment? Do you want to sample blood during defined times without handling the animal? Do you want to perform optogenetics or fiber photometry or even electrophysiology during metabolic or behavioral studies within the PhenoMaster cages? In all applications that require the animal to freely behave in the test cage it is crucial to prevent the animal line from getting kinked or tangled.

Our new counterbalance arms are an add-on to our PhenoMaster homecage system. These weight-coupled arms come in 2 different sizes and are connected to an ActiMot3 activity frame, a PhenoMaster base frame or even the cage lid. Adjust the height, the length and the counter-weight depending on your requirements.

Each arm is equipped with a customized holder to accommodate 1- or 2-channel fluid swivels (e.g. from Instech), optogenetic joints (e.g. from Doric or Thorlabs) or other components. The holders that are mounted to the tip of the counterbalance arm are easily exchangeable – so if you need different types of holders for different applications our flexible counterbalance arms are a cost-effective solution.

PhenoMaster cage lids feature several inlet ports to feed the animal line into the cage. Whether you require lids suitable for calorimetric measurements or open lids with flaps for easy handling of the animal – we have the solution for your application!

The counterbalance arms can also be combined with other behavioral test arenas. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Light-weight counterbalance arm in 2 sizes..
Customized holder for optogenetic joints, fluid swivels or other devices..
Various mounting options depending on the PhenoMaster cage configuration..


Fiber Photometry..
Drug Infusion.
Blood Sampling.

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