E-Mitter Telemetry

Core Body Temperature Measurement

Endothermic organisms rely on tightly balanced energy budgets to maintain a regulated body temperature and body mass. To assist in the monitoring of these key physiological vital signs, we offer two wireless telemetry options: STELLAR Telemetry or E-Mitter Telemetry – both of which operate as stand-alone devices or fully integrated into the TSE Systems PhenoMaster System. The PhenoMaster software allows accurate data synchronization with all parameters.

The E-Mitter Telemetry System allows you to continuously monitor temperature, gross motor activity, and heart rate of mice, rats, and other small animals. The implantable transponder is powered by an external Energizer/Receiver under the cage. This allows the E-Mitter to operate without batteries. There are no refurbishment costs and no lost time from re-implantation or recalibrations. These special transmitters can be implanted for up to two years.

Telemetry can be measured in sync with metabolic parameters and placed inside the Climate Chamber. This parallel interface allows you to monitor body core temperature, gross motor activity or heart rate under thermoneutral or cold exposure conditions.

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Hard- and Software integrated into PhenoMaster.
Wireless long-term monitoring.
No batteries and refurbishment.
Cost effective.
Accurate and reliable..


Measuring body core temperature ..
Heart rate monitoring..
Measuring gross motor activity.

Disease models

Cardiovascular diseases.
Inflammation .

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