Elevated Plus Maze and Elevated Zero Maze

Anxiety test

  • Zero Maze from TSE Systems
  • elevated plus maze from TSE Systems

The Elevated Plus Maze test is a widely used paradigm for testing anxiety based on the natural aversion of rodents to explore elevated and open spaces. In the maze four arms are arranged in the shape of a cross – two arms have surrounding walls, the other arms have no walls. The Elevated Zero Maze is a modification of the classic Elevated Plus Maze paradigm. Two closed and two open runways are connected without a center to prevent any ambiguity in the interpretation of the time spent in the different areas of the maze. Both types of mazes are mounted to a removable underframe.

TSE Elevated Plus & Zero Mazes can be used in combination with the video tracking system TSE VideoMot2 that offers a dedicated analysis protocol. Total time in and the total number of visits to the open areas are automatically calculated, among many other parameters. An increase in the open-arm time is an index of the anti-anxiety behavior of the animal. Use the integrated Event Recorder in parallel to tracking to monitor any other behavior such as rearing movement.

Special IR translucent mazes allow tracking of animals of any color – even black & white spotted animals – and under any light conditions – even in complete darkness – when they are combined with the TSE IR-Box.

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Widely used assay to assess anxiety in rodents.
Mazes in rat or mouse size.
Modular Plus Mazes with easily exchangeable walls.
Mazes in white, gray or black depending on the contrast requirements.
IR-translucent mazes for combination with TSE IR Boxes .

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