Automated Time Controlled Food Restriction

The FeedTime system is a cost-effective solution for all applications requiring restricted access to food in single- or group-housed animals living in standard laboratory cages. FeedTime is suited for simultaneous operation in up to 512 measuring places in short- or long-term experiments.

A special stainless steel lid replaces the standard homecage lid. It features a rotatable container – suitable for standard laboratory food – with one open and one closed side that is coupled to a software-controlled motor. Opening and closing times are freely definable in the Time-Manager of the FeedTime software package. Groups of 8 Feeding Stations can be controlled independent from each other. Once started the access to food is automatically controlled over long periods of time without any user intervention.

The ability to run different protocols at the same time allows to compare animal physiology and behavior depending on the feeding rhythm (e.g. ad libidum feeding, dark phase feeding, interval feeding at fixed clock times).

The food container can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. A drinking bottle can be added to the setup. The FeedTime system is designed to be used with laboratory cage type III for rats and mice. Adaptation to other cages on request – please contact us!

Schilperoort M, van den Berg R, Dollé MET, van Oostrom CTM, Wagner K, Tambyrajah LL, Wackers P, Deboer T, Hulsegge G, Proper KI, van Steeg H, Roenneberg T, Biermasz NR, Rensen PCN, Kooijman S, van Kerkhof LWM. Time-restricted feeding improves adaptation to chronically alternating light-dark cycles. Sci Rep 2019; 27; 9(1): 7874


Software-controlled food restriction .
Customized time schedules.
Up to 512 measuring places possible.
Suited for standard animal cages.


Food Restriction..

Disease models


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