Food and Drink Measurement

Prime Sensitivity and Precision

The PhenoMaster Food and Drink Measurement module is based on exceptionally sensitive and precise weighing sensors that measure the amount of food and liquid consumed over time. Even micro-bouts of consumption are reliably captured. Our validated spill- and leak-protect technology – exclusive to TSE Systems – minimizes variance due to food spillage or water leakage. Food and drink intake can be automatically monitored in any home cage for hours and days without disturbances by the experimenter or neglect of animal welfare.

In the basic dual sensor configuration, the home cage is equipped with one feeding and one drinking sensor. For discrimination experiments, i.e. preference or aversion studies, more sensors can be installed per cage, e.g. for 2 diets and 1 for water. The use of sensors is universal so that the configuration is adjustable. Since various combinations are possible – which also depends on the cage lid used – please contact our specialists to discuss your specific needs.

For food or drink restriction/deprivation applications, Access Control units can be added to the Food and Drink Measurement modules. Up to two access control units per cage are standard. Special cage lids allow mounting of a third access control module.


Sensitive measurement of food and liquid intake..
Special bottles and container minimize leakage/spillage..
Detailed and validated meal & circadian analysis...
Optional Access Control Unit for restriction or deprivation regimen.


Drug Testing...

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