Infrared Box

Flexible solution for Video-tracking

  • Infrared box from TSE Systems

The TSE Infrared Boxes are used in conjunction with mazes and arenas made from IR translucent material. They require a black & white camera that is sensitive in the near-infrared range and a lens with an infrared pass filter (available from TSE). The boxes that come in three sizes are equipped with an array of special LEDs that emit infrared light invisible for the animal. Since the arena material is permeable for their wavelength and ambient light is blocked by the filter tracking is possible under daylight conditions, low light or red light without the need to change the measurement parameters in the tracking software – thus saving valuable time. Animals can be tracked on any background color – no visible contrast required any longer. This facilitates animal detection in the narrow arms of mazes, especially with mice. Animals can also be tracked in absolute darkness and in the dark compartment of a light-dark arena. Even bicolored animals such as Lister-Hooded rats are tracked reliably. For social contact experiments, animals with different colors can be tested in the same cage – which is not possible in normal light conditions. Urine spots will also not disturb the measurement any longer – thus increasing tracking quality drastically.

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Flexible solution for video-tracking.
Infrared light combinable with any illumination.
Suited for low or no-contrast conditions.
Tracking is independent from animal and arena color.
Bicolored animals can be tracked reliably.
Select between 3 box sizes depending on arena size.

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