Integration with Third-Party Instruments

Multi-Channel TTL Units

  • Multi-Channel TTL Units
  • Multi-Channel TTL Unit from TSE Systems
  • ActiMot – Region-specific TTL Output
  • TTL Out Module

TSE provides several solutions for the integration of a PhenoMaster setup with 3rd party instruments that are required in the context of a PhenoMaster experiment.

Some instruments are fully incorporated into a PhenoMaster system such as E-Mitter implants for measuring body temperature. Data are sent via an antenna mounted below the cage directly into the PhenoMaster software and are stored together with all other metabolic and behavioral parameters for combined analysis.

If full integration is not applicable, communication can be easily done via TTL signals controlled by the PhenoMaster software that are programmed by the user depending on the requirement of the experiment. Switch on a syringe pump to infuse drugs during an operant task with the Operant Wall to monitor the effect on cognitive performance. Couple drug infusion or laser activation to the location of the animal in the PhenoMaster cage equipped with ActiMot sensor frames using customized regions of interest, e.g. in food preference experiments. Activate optogenetics laser generators depending on the food or liquid consumption measured by PhenoMaster Drinking & Feeding sensors by taking user-defined consumption thresholds into account. Or simply trigger laser activation or electrophysiology recordings according to pre-defined time-schedules. The applications are manifold.

TSE Multi-Channel TTL Units offer 8, 16 or 24 TTL output channels. Several units can be coupled together to increase the number of available TTL channels. Standard configuration is digital TTL OUT in all lines, analog TTL OUT and digital TTL IN channels are available on request. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs!

TSE Multi-Channel TTL Units can also be integrated into other TSE setups such as the TSE Multi Conditioning system.

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