ISO-Cages and Isolators

PhenoTyping of Germ-Free and Gnotobiotic Animals

Why study the gut? The gut microbiota has emerged as an environmental factor used to better understand health and disease. Gut microbiota increases the host’s ability to harvest energy from the digested food and produce metabolites and microbial products such as short-chain fatty acids, secondary bile acids, and lipopolysaccharides. These metabolites and microbial products act as signaling molecules that modulate appetite, gut motility, energy uptake and storage, and energy expenditure.

For metabolic phenotyping of germ-free & gnotobiotic rodents, we provide special ISO-Cages for the PhenoMaster containing a HEPA Filter or provide Isolator solutions. The PhenoMaster ISO-Cages are airtight and have been designed for metabolic and behavioral phenotyping of gnotobiotics, germ-free and immunocompromised animals. Push mode indirect calorimetry and a HEPA filter on each cage protect germ-free animals during phenotyping. Additionally, we offer the specialty gas sensors CH4 or H₂ to monitor microbiome activity.

Value-Added Feature: PhenoMaster systems, with all of their all modules, can be placed inside a modified Isolator to maximize animal and experimenter protection. Depending on the configuration, we can provide modified adapter panels and different sizes of high-quality flexible canopy wrapped on a stainless-steel frame. Supply and exhaust air is pre-filtered and HEPA filters are available to ensure clean air.

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PhenoMaster combined with HEPA filtration.
Optimal protection.
Monitoring of CH4, VOC.
Push or pull mode indirect calorimetry.


Phenotyping under HEPA filtered conditions..
Microbiome research.
Germ-free animals..,
Immunocompromised animals.

Disease models

Inflammation .
Cardiovascular disease.

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