Mazes and Arenas

Learning and Memory, Exploration, Anxiety and Depression

  • Mazes from TSE Systems

TSE provides mazes and arenas for a variety of different applications. All test cages are available for rats and mice and are optimized for use with video-tracking systems such as the TSE VideoMot2 system.

Choose between Water Maze, Barnes Maze or T-Maze to evaluate spatial learning & memory or use a Y-Maze for Continuous Alternation experiments. Elevated Plus Mazes and Elevated Zero Mazes allow to test the innate anxiety level of the animal (fear of height and open spaces). Open Field arenas for studying anxiety and exploration are available in different shapes and sizes. In combination with TSE Rearing Frames even rearing movements can be reliably detected. Open Field arenas can be combined with dark inserts for Light-Dark tests – stand-alone Light-Dark boxes are available as an alternative solution. All mazes and arenas are available in different colors to fulfill the contrast requirement of the tracking system. For increased flexibility and maximum easy-of-use special IR translucent mazes and arenas allow tracking of animals of any color – even black & white spotted animals – on any background color and under any light conditions – even in complete darkness – when they are combined with the TSE IR-Box.

VideoMot2 features dedicated analysis protocols for the different paradigms; analysis of an experiment with just a click of a button. Select from a variety of customizable parameters for a comprehensive analysis of animal behavior.