Open Field Arena

Activity & Exploration

  • Open Field arena for mice and rats
  • Open Field arena with rear for mice and rats

The Open Field test is a widely used paradigm to study spontaneous locomotion, exploration and anxiety. Rodents show a natural tendency to avoid open and brightly lit spaces so they will usually stay close to the wall of the arena (thigmotaxis) – center avoidance is a measure of anxiety. Evaluate the animal´s baseline behavior or the change of this behavior in response to drug treatment, mutation, lesion or environment (illumination).

TSE provides Open Field arenas for rats and mice in several sizes, shapes (square-shaped, round) and colors (black, gray, white). Several Open Field cages can be combined to increase throughput. Place the arenas on special support frames or tables for comfortable handling. Typically used in combination with a video-tracking system such as the TSE VideoMot2 system an Open Field is selected to provide maximum contrast between animal and background. IR translucent Open Field arenas allow tracking of animals of any color under any light conditions – even in complete darkness – when they are combined with the TSE IR-Boxes.

TSE also provides dark inserts for the Open Field cages in 33% and 50% size to perform light-dark anxiety tests. In combination with TSE Rearing Frames, an accessory for the TSE VideoMot2 system, it is also possible to measure rearing movement, converting the Open Field into a true 3D detection system.

Open Field tests can also be performed in our ActiMot2 or Multi Conditioning system.

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Variety of sizes, shapes and colors..
Easy to clean – material does not absorb odor..
Non-reflecting material - optimized for videotracking .
IR translucent arenas for maximum flexibility.
Optional isolation cubicles..


Locomotor Activity..
Exploration & Anxiety.
Learning & Memory.
Social Interaction.

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