Motor Coordination & Motor Learning

  • Classical test for the assessment of motor functions/learning and coordination
  • RotaRod - Motor Function and Coordination
  • RotaRod Mouse Grids

The TSE RotaRod System helps evaluate the effect of disease, brain damage, or drug treatment on motor coordination in small rodents.

Our RotaRod models are available for mice and rats. Select between models for 5 mice, 4 normally sized rats, or 3 obese or aged rats that differ in drum diameter, lane width ,and fall height. The 4-place rat RotaRod can be equipped with a mouse drum that can be easily exchanged. Use this solution if you are interested in a combination system for rats and mice – or simply because you want to increase the fall height for your mice. Special floor inlays with a soft surface are available to protect the mice from injury.

Motor speed for drum rotation is controlled electronically. The RotaRod software allows predefined speed profiles with up to 100-speed steps (initial speed, final speed, and acceleration/deceleration time) for refined motor skill testing – a unique feature of the TSE RotaRod. A reverse rotation mode also is included.

After placing the animals on the drum, press the timer knobs to start each animal individually or perform a group start for all animals simultaneously. Animal falls are registered by a strip of light beam sensors – even small mice are reliably detected.  Latency to fall is the main data output that is presented in tables and export files together with other parameters such as the speed at the time of fall.

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Models for 5 mice and 3 or 4 rats.
Extra-high units with increased falling height available.
Optional shockable floor grids.
Speed range: 1-60 rpm, constant or accelerating/decelerating..
Speed up to 100rpm (mice-only) on request..
Programmable speed profiles with up to 100 steps..
USB connection to PC or notebook..


Motor Coordination.
Motor Learning .

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