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TSE VideoMot2 is a versatile video tracking system used in hundreds of labs worldwide for automated recording and analyzing animal behavior in a large variety of behavioral tests. Whether you want to test anxiety on an Elevated Plus Maze, evaluate spatial learning in a Water Maze or perform Open Field experiments to study locomotion – VideoMot2 is the right choice for you!

Several arenas can be observed with one camera – or combine several cameras if the test arenas are placed at a distance from each other. Cameras are connected via USB to the computer – use simple Webcams or light-sensitive CCD cameras depending on the required quality of the video image. No frame grabber is required! Standard use is with one animal per test arena. Up to two animals in one arena are possible for evaluating basic social contact behavior. An unlimited number of regions of interest can be designed in each arena to perform spatial analyses. Regions may also act to control data acquisition – an example is the Water Maze training where the trial is stopped when the animal has climbed onto the platform.

Experiments can be started using a wireless remote control – or use a start region defined inside the arena. Animal detection is done according to user-defined filters by taking the contrast between animal and arena into account. When combined with a TSE Infrared Box tracking of any animal color under any light conditions is possible – ideally suited for high-throughput use in core facilities. Track the center of gravity only or use the integrated 3-Point-Detection method for Object Recognition experiments – whatever is suited for your experiment. A built-in keyboard recorder allows to record up to 10 different behavioral events manually during the session.

A variety of analysis modules calculate specific results parameters – for the complete trial or for selected time windows. Pre-defined protocols can be generated with a mouse-click. The track pattern can be exported to BMP files in publication quality, heat maps are available for temporal analysis of animal location, and customized results files in ASCII format are provided for further statistical evaluation. Raw data can always be reanalyzed after the experiment is finished – or use the videos that are generated during tracking to rerun the experiment if required.

A special version of VideoMot2 allows to track up to 8 animals in the cage that are marked with color tags.

We provide a large variety of mazes and arenas for VideoMot2 applications (Mazes & Arenas). Special housings with integrated illumination are available to isolate the animals from each other. Combine TSE Open Fields with TSE Rearing Frames for 100% reliable detection of rearing behavior – no error-prone calculation from body area. Please contact us for details or customized solutions.

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Flexible tracking system for various applications.
Camera connection via USB - no frame grabber required.
3-point detection and multi-arena use included .
Parallel storage of video files on the PC.
Ready-to-use analysis protocols and export files.
Complete access to raw data.
2 analysis licenses and 2 years software upgrades included.


Activity & Exploration.
Cognitive Function .
Learning & Memory.
Social Behavior.

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Basic Neuroscience..
Behavioral Phenotyping..
Neuropsychiatric Diseases..
Drug Development..

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