Weight Sensors

Drink/Feed/Body Weight Sensors

The weight sensors used in the PhenoMaster Food and Drink Measurements and Body Weight modules are newly designed with on-board 32-bit digitization, linearization, and temperature compensation – a feature that is very important for temperature ramp studies – at a 100Hz sampling rate. Resolution is <1mg at 32-bit. Special software routines differentiate actual consumption from “nibbling” in a fully user-controlled environment. Data are always stored at full resolution in raw format at the sensor level, and these are not editable. Therefore, mistakes in analysis or incorrect filter functions are easily corrected by re-analyzing the raw data.

All sensors are simply plugged into the cage controller that collects all sensor data and powers all sensors. Sensors use a modern bus architecture that allows them to be removed and added without interfering with other sensors’ data collection ability.

Depending on the cage size up to 5 PhenoMaster weight sensors can be flexibly mounted to the cage lid. In standard cage lids up to 2 Drinking & Feeding sensor modules can be optionally equipped with Access Control modules for liquid & food restriction.


32-bit digitization, linearization, and temperature compensation..
Data stored at full resolution...


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