About us

Together Through Science and Engineering

TSE Systems opens the door to a world of groundbreaking solutions in scientific research. Committed to excellence and guided by German precision, we lead in innovation by offering state-of-the-art tools for in vivo preclinical research. Our modular and flexible products, designed with a focus on quality, address the dynamic requirements of researchers globally. We believe in fostering strong partnerships with the scientific community. Our commitment extends beyond providing equipment; we strive to be a trusted advisor, offering researchers the tools and support they need to achieve groundbreaking discoveries.

Our Core Values

Customer-centric Focus

We prioritize accessible solutions and exceptional support to ensure your research achieves its full potential

Innovation Excellence

We pursue continuous innovation and push the boundaries of what is possible

Collaborative Partnership

At our core, we value and actively seek partnerships with researchers, clients, and stakeholders


We minimize our environmental footprint, promoting sustainability practices, and positive community contributions

Inclusivity and Diversity

We foster a diverse and inclusive workplace that values and respects different perspectives, backgrounds and talents

Best Customer Support

We prioritize unparalleled customer service, ensuring every interaction is met with efficiency, empathy, and excellence

Our Team: Your Trusted Partner

At TSE Systems, we believe our team is the foundation of our success and yours. We’ve assembled a team of passionate individuals with a wealth of experience across the life science research industry.

Our team goes beyond scientists and engineers. We have seasoned researchers who understand your challenges firsthand, experienced engineers who design and build our innovative systems, skilled software developers who create user-friendly interfaces, and dedicated production and service teams who ensure everything runs smoothly. This diverse blend of expertise allows us to collaborate effectively and provide you with a comprehensive solution.

Our History

Started in Thuringia, East Germany
First products: laboratory glassware & labware – the first industrially manufactured thermometers came from Thuringia
Relocation to West Germany
Manufactured laboratory glass and metal instruments (Erlenmeyer flasks, Liebig condensers, distillation columns, Bunsen burners, stands, adaptors)
First systems for medical and pharmaceutical research (respiration pumps, operating tables, isolated organ apparatus, non-invasive blood pressure measurement, analgesia)
Acquisition of Messrs. Bundschuh: instruments for medical research
First activity measuring systems (1 measuring station required 240 piezo strips)
First computer-controlled systems for inhalation toxicology studies
“PharmaComp”, the first laboratory computer – a universal data acquisition and processing system for the pharmacological laboratory
Market introduction of the first Electroencephalogram (EEG) Telemetry System (transmitter 4 g with battery)
First “Measurement of Breathing Parameters System” system for bronchial research
First Fully Automated Activity Measuring System for rats
RoboComp & the first substance-screening laboratory-handling automaton for controlling 128 organ vessels for studies on isolated heart muscle fibers
Concentration on the development and production of methods and systems for biological research focusing on drugs – the result: the introduction of computer-supported automatic systems
First Drinking & Feeding Monitoring System
Validation of nose only exposure chambers with new design (2-chamber principle)
First combined ActiMot – Drinking & Feeding Monitoring System
Complete line of Automated Behavioral Paradigms (FCS, Startle, OBS)
First PhenoMaster (also known as LabMaster) large-scale system (Calorimetry, Drinking & Feeding, Activity)
Foundation of TSE Systems Inc., Midland, Michigan, USA
Extension of the PhenoMaster System (Calorimetry, Drinking&Feeding&Body Weight&Urine&Feces, Activity, Running Wheel, Operant Wall)
Relocation of North America Headquarters from Midland, MI to Chesterfield, MO
Acquisition of NewBehavior: IntelliCage – the first system for automated cognitive and behavioral screening of mutant or treated mice living in social groups
Founded TSE Systems China Ltd., Beijing, China
Stellar Telemetry: Introducing next generation telemetry implantable animal technology for monitoring activity, pressure, respiration, heart rate, biopotentials and temperature
TSE pioneered the use of isotope sensors in combination with indirect calorimetry in rodents, microbiome gas sensors, and weight lifting cages for advanced cardiometabolic studies
TSE Systems is a global leader in the scientific instrumentation industry. Through pioneering developments, TSE has engineered the most precise, fastest, scalable platforms on the market.

Unwavering Support for Your Research Journey

TSE Systems goes beyond providing top-tier products. We offer comprehensive support throughout your entire research journey – from seamless installation and training to ongoing maintenance. Our dedicated team ensures consistent operation and maximum value from your TSE solutions. Experience round-the-clock customer support, available online and onsite, whenever and wherever you need it.

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