Who we are 

Founded in 1886, TSE Systems is one of the world‘s leading specialists in the areas of behavioral, physiological, metabolic and inhalation research.  We offer the total solution experience for in vivo research – from scientific guidance in phenotyping to customization of novel applications to 24/7 support.  We are the trusted scientific partner of academia, CROs, and pharmaceutical companies. Our global footprint extends to 3 headquarters,195 countries, and more than 10,000 preclinical research projects.

What we do 

We build revolutionary equipment designed around the 3R principle and animal welfare. We work collaboratively with top researchers and key opinion leaders worldwide anticipating trends and constructing them into translational research tools to quantify scientific endpoints for disease research. 

Why work with us  

We are the pioneer of homecage phenotyping, behavioral screening of group housed animals in social groups, isotope sensors in combination with indirect calorimetry in rodents, operant walls, and running wheels with workload control. Our multidisciplinary equipment enables researchers to perform multiple paradigms within the same system. 

Design is our passion. 

Let our trusted and legendary experience help you achieve the next breakthrough in science!

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