TSETogether through Science and Engineering innovating discovery in life science research.

TSE Systems is a globally renowned manufacturer of innovative and sophisticated health science products and systems for behavior, physiology, metabolism, and inhalation research. We build products that increase our understanding of our bodies, with the goal to improve health, fight disease, and counter health risks. Our mission is to be Simply Inspiring through Innovation and by providing the total customer solutions. We are collaborative in our research with scientists, participating in research consortia and Customer-Centric advancing knowledge for creating Scientific Centers of Excellence around our products.  

Challenges We Have Solved

  • Speed – Options for Multiplex or Real-Time Continuous Mode
  • Cardiometabolic and Strength Training – Running wheel with workload control and the new weightlifting cage 
  • Price – Modularity allows expansion at an affordable price
  • Convenience – All data from sensors are at the cage level are digitized on-board and collected by the cage controller
  • Analysis & Batch Processing – Origin-based Apps, R-based CalR analysis under license from Harvard University
  • Group-Housed – Animals are allowed to roam freely and interact in groups with Stellar Implantable Telemetry 

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