Who we are 

TSE Systems is a pioneer and market leader in behavioral, physiology, metabolic and inhalation research. Leveraging our 133 years of industry experience, we offer the latest innovations that drive the 3R process through next generation sensor technology, higher animal welfare standards, and AAALAC compliance. Our goal is to be Simply Inspiring  through our modular designs, full data transparency, standardization, and reproducibility. Together, through science and engineering, we work with the researcher  discovering new treatments and drugs for people living with Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, IBD, and now COVID. 

What we do 

We help researchers understand the diseases that interfere with behavior, thought, movementmemory, spatial awareness, and general activity. Working in close collaboration with top researchers and key opinion leaders worldwide, our multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers create innovative solutions for preclinical in-vivo biomedical research, phenotyping, and drug screening.

We offer the total solution throughout the researcher journey – from scientific guidance to customization of novel applications in phenotyping, metabolic diseases, insulin resistance, exercise, gut/brain axis and energy metabolism to 24/7 support to publication in journals.  

Why work with us  

Our passion is research design. 

This passion has enabled us to create the most advanced scientific tools on the market: implantable telemetry technology that allows monitoring of unlimited animals with one receiver, fully automated home cage phenotyping system that can capture metabolic, behavioral, and physiological data in one system, isotope sensors, microbiome gas sensors, and the use of swivel and tethering with either tubing (blood sampling, glucose clamping) or optical fibers for combined optogenetics with food choice or other applications.

Let our trusted and legendary experience help you achieve the next breakthrough in science!

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