Paving the way for a better future

At TSE Systems, our legacy of scientific innovation dates back to 1886, and our commitment to empowering researchers and improving lives has never wavered. While we forge ahead in healthcare innovation, we’re equally dedicated to a sustainable future. Our products and practices adhere to the highest technical standards, all while cherishing and preserving our environment.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Generating the power from our own photovoltaic system

Our company cars are modern hybrid (PHEV) or electric (EV)

Smart LED lighting with a presence detection in the whole building

Free solar power supplies for recharging electric vehicles

Partial refunds on public transportation tickets

No plastic – we employ a modern filter and treatment system for drinking water

We efficiently collect and recycle valuable materials

Our bulding has a green roof, featuring living plants that enhance air quality and regulate humidity

Our facility

In 2017, we constructed a new 3,800 square meter production and office service center. This facility prioritizes energy efficiency by incorporating the latest energy guidelines in its design and construction. We installed an impressive 79kWp photovoltaic system on the roof, generating 429 MegaWatts of clean solar power annually. This self-generated clean energy proudly fuels our eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Water saving system

We thoughtfully landscaped our office building with a green roof. It features living plants that enhance air quality and regulate humidity, aligning with the latest environmental standards. Our commitment to sustainability includes utilizing a rigoll system for rainwater collection. Furthermore, this innovative system not only conserves valuable water resources but also helps restore healthy groundwater levels. Inside, we prioritize water conservation with the use of water reducers in toilets and the manufacturing process. Plastic water bottles are a thing of the past as we employ a modern filter
and treatment system for drinking water throughout the building, reducing costs and eliminating
the need for disposable glass and plastic bottles.

Waste and recycling

At TSE Systems, our firm commitment lies in favouring sustainability through reducing waste. In pursuit of this goal, we have forged a valuable partnership with Berlin Recycling, a well known waste disposal company. We have applied a highly efficient system for collecting and recycling essential materials, encompassing paper, wood, metals, and electronic waste. By conscientiously reusing these resources, we prevent them from becoming waste.