Stellar Telemetry

Multichannel Implantable Telemetry for In-Vivo Monitoring of Physiological Parameters

Are you tired of cumbersome, outdated telemetry systems that restrict your research possibilities? Enter Stellar Telemetry – a cutting-edge solution designed to elevate your animal research. The system allows scheduled or continuous physiological parameter monitoring of many animals with just one receiver and facilitates group housing and social interaction. Stellar wireless implants can be used in animal models ranging from mice to dogs and larger animals in various research studies, including safety pharmacology, behavior, metabolic, and general physiology assessment.

Let us guide you through the features of this revolutionary telemetry system.

All Digital Solution

Unlike traditional cage-based setups, Stellar Telemetry is an animal-centric system that prioritizes minimal hardware requirements.

  • All-Digital Solution: Stellar requires only one antenna in the room, which is only 5m+/10ft away from animals or less.
  • The Universal Receiver: Enables simultaneous data collection from up to 8 real-time implants or up to 32 memory implants.
  • Flexible Antenna Placement: conveniently positioned on walls, ceilings, or stands, allowing for optimal data transmission and reception.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Stellar Telemetry serves diverse research needs with a single, streamlined setup seamlessly adaptable across different species and labs.

Continuous & Memory-Type Implants

  • Group Housing Compatible: Break free from the constraints of individual housing, animals can be group-housed while individual data is collected with precision and accuracy.
  • Effortless Scheduling: The measurement schedule can be programmed remotely and changed at any time after implantation.
  • Minimalistic Setup:  No receivers around cages; simple USB connection(s) to your computer or laptop.
  • Expand Your Research: Simply purchase new implants and use the same system hardware and software with any Stellar implant model across all animal species.


Revolutionizing Animal Research

  • Seamless Integration: Conduct telemetry recording alongside other tests, such as exercise or cognition testing, with ease.
  • Guaranteed Data Integrity: Scheduled recording with memory implants ensures lossless storage and transmission whenever the antenna is within range.
  • Efficient Battery Usage: Implants conserve battery power by activating specific signals and settings as requested through an intuitive user interface.

Unique Features

Single receiver for multiple animals

Scheduled or Continuous recording

For 22g-3500g+ Animals

Ranges from 1 to 5+ meters

Fully Digital Data Transmission

Onboard Memory Storage

Versatile Solution for Diverse Research Applications

Blood pressure/Hypertension

ECG /Heart Rate/Heart Rate Variability




Respiratory Function

Stellar Rodent Implants vs Competition

for pressure and biopotential recordings

Our advanced technology features remote implant programming, scheduled recording for efficient battery usage, unmatched research flexibility, and a comprehensive all-in-one digital approach. Explore the table below for an insightful comparison and witness why Stellar is a game-changer in wireless physiological monitoring.

Versatile Implantation with Solid-State Precision

Solid-State Advantage: Stellar implants, featuring a novel solid-state pressure sensor, eliminate limitations of traditional fluid-filled catheters. Variable lead lengths won’t affect accuracy due to the absence of fluid head pressure, a common issue with traditional models. Additionally, solid-state technology maintains high sensitivity regardless of length, ensuring capture of even subtle pressure changes.

Strategic Placement & Reliable Data: Unlike cumbersome fluid-filled catheters, Stellar implants can be strategically placed in hard-to-reach areas. The solid sensor tip simplifies implantation, minimizing risks like kinking or gel loss. This innovative design also reduces data artifacts caused by movement or kinking, leading to cleaner and more reliable pressure measurements.

We Offer several levels of surgical support for Your Research Journey

Tracie Rindfield, USA – TSE's seasoned surgical expert

Tracie offers complimentary surgical guidance via phone, email, or Zoom, ensuring you have the support you need. Tracie is available for direct contracts with Stellar telemetry customers, offering onsite surgical training or contracted surgical services for tailored assistance.

Rene Remie, Surgical Skills Centre, Netherlands

The center provides specialized rodent surgical training courses for our European researchers, adding an extra layer of expertise to your research endeavors. You can join a regular surgical course or get an individual online session tailored to your requirements.

Delphine Bouard, France

Dr. Bouard, a leading expert in experimental surgery with over 20 years of experience, leads EALAS and advises FELASA. She offers consultations, on-site surgery for various animals, and specialized training programs.

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Stellar Telemetry Software Solutions

Introducing a modular platform that offers over 170 acquisition, analysis, and display modules. The core Notocord/Stellar system supports simultaneous recording from 8, 16, or 32 memory or continuous Stellar™ implants bundled with a few basic analysis modules appropriate for telemetry studies. Advanced analysis and signal processing capabilities can be added and support for simultaneous collection of analog signals and/or video.
Notocord-hem™ analysis modules cover many in vivo applications, including cardiovascular, respiratory, and CNS. Reports can be generated via a novel Excel plug-in that facilitates generating and re-using advanced customized reporting templates. An EDF export module is available to export waveform data to EDF format for analysis in other software. Notocord-hem™ also offers robust support for use in GLP environments

Stellar telemetry EEG, activity, and frequency
analysis in 5-second epochs in Notocord-hem.

Example of modular study configuration in Notocord-hem.

An interactive software, AcqKnowledge™, facilitates instant data viewing, measuring, transforming, replaying, and analysis. Supporting both memory and continuous Stellar™ implants, it offers an intuitive configuration for scheduled memory implant sampling. A base license enables recording from up to 8 implants, expandable to 16 for continuous and 32 for memory implants in 1-implant increments. Optional simultaneous recording of continuous telemetry data with analog and/or video is available.
AcqKnowledge™ allows custom configuration of multiple display modes and comes with diverse analysis tools for EEG, EMG, ECG, HRV, blood pressure, LV pressure, and more. Results can be easily exported to Excel using standard or customized report scripts. The software includes a standard Stellar™ script for generating comprehensive reports effortlessly.

Scheduled blood pressure, ECG, and temperature recordings from multiple Stellar memory implants (15sec/15min).


AcqKnowledge protocol scheduler for Stellar memory implants.

“We have been using Stellar telemetry for one year to measure EEG activity in a rodent model of spontaneous recurrent seizures.  We have found that the TSE telemeters give an excellent signal with little signal loss or background noise.  The user interface to set up the transponders makes adjusting the transponder setting on the fly very easy.  We have had excellent interactions with customer service when we had issues that needed trouble shooting.”

Pam Lein lab UC-Davis
Donald Bruun-Lab Manager

“In our lab , Raizel Frasier, PhD discovered translationally relevant sex differences using the Stellar telemetry. She showed that alcohol drinking and anxiety-like behavior in female rats is related to HR variability measures that indicate more parasympathetic influence, while male behaviors associate more with sympathetic indicators. By diligent use of the Stellar, we made critical and translationally useful discoveries about sex-selective autonomic signals during behaviors of interest. “

Woody Hopf
Indiana University

“We used Stellar telemetry in a small colony of rats to assess the effects of test items on ECG, blood pressure, body temperature and activity. The system allows recordings from multiple telemetry animals in the same double-decker cage, reducing animal use by removing the need for non-implanted companion animals. Minimal amounts of hardware are needed for good signal coverage. The implants demonstrated good longevity allowing re-use of animals and assessment of five different test items over a period of several months.”

Matt Skinner
Vivonics, UK

“We purchased Stellar to capture and quantify seizures in chronically epileptic rats. We found it easy to implant, the signal-to-noise is to easily identify electrographic seizures, and the time-locked video allows us to confirm whether convulsion accompanied the electrographic activity. We have been impressed with the customer and technical service, including a live demo, assistance in setting up, and rapid responses.”

Gene G. Gurkoff
Professor | UC Davis

“TSE has some of the most intuitive software we have ever seen in an EEG system, with on the fly adjustments and modular recording and analysis. This has made it easy to be trained and pass that training down across our lab, and helps provide a consistent uptime on recording experiments. The signal is less prone to artifacts than previous systems we have employed, and being able to adjust recording parameters both during and post-hoc allows for the best signal to noise ratio and clearest EEG traces possible. The team at TSE has been incredibly helpful and attentive to our troubleshooting needs from surgical consults to software and hardware fixes. 10/10, would recommend to other labs.”

Jeremy MacMahon
University of California: Davis

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