Superior Technical Support and Service

Since the formation of TSE International Group, we have worked hard to enable our customers to succeed. Providing superior technical support and services has been essential to our success and growth.

All TSE Systems manufactured products receive extraordinary technical support, one of the best in the field of sophisticated life science research instrumentations. We also manage technical challenges to help you receive the highest level of scientific standards. Because our approach is hands-on, we are continuously improving our products and instrumentations for current applications and are creating innovative ways for new scientific applications.

Depending on the type of support contract, our technical support staff will visit your institute or facility in order to help and support you to overcome material and instrumentation challenges. Our technicians will meet each and every specification, answer every technical question and finally manage your product or system successfully.

With a focus on customer service, our representatives know that success depends on the details. Thus they respond to every request and provide delivery on-time.

Detailed information on individual service options can be found here:

For urgent cases please contact us via our 24/7h service form.