Metabolic cage system for mouse, rat or larger animals. Suitable for calorimetry, behavioral and physiological studies.


Fully automated system for group-housed rodent behavioral and cognitive phenotyping allowing to preserve social environment.


Rodent kinematic gait analysis system, allowing assessment of fine locomotor patterns in both rats and mice, during 5 different motion modalities.

Stellar Telemetry

Multichannel implantable telemetry for In-vivo monitoring of physiological parameters.

Inhalation System

Head-nose and Whole-body systems for dust, liquid aerosol, vapor, cigarette smoke, and nanoparticle generation in toxicology and safety studies.

Multi Conditioning System

First multi-purpose turnkey platform for up to 10 rodent behavioral tests, from Fear Conditioning to Open Field in a fully controlled environment.


Wireless battery-free optogenetics system for freely moving animals in any setup.


Unique and customized automated phenotyping solution for mice or rats.


Automated devices designed for forced exercise experiments, motor coordination and fatigue testing in rats and mice.

Running Wheels

Automated wheels for voluntary or active exercise tests in mice or rats, including workload module for resistance running.


Automated 3D tracking of spontaneous locomotor activity in mice and rats based on infrared (IR) sensor data.


Automated monitoring of individual locomotor activity in group housed mice or rats.

Smart Waiter

Automated home-cage system for rodent food and drink intake monitoring and control.


Unique, cost-effective, and wireless solution for EEG recording in freely moving animals.

Startle Response/PPI System

A robust and computerized system was designed to determine the startle reflex and evaluate sensorimotor gating in rodents.

Kent Scientific

Kent Scientific is a worldwide provider of integrated solutions for lab animal research, including noninvasive blood pressure, anesthesia systems, & more.

Krumdieck Tissue Slicer

A gold standard device designed to rapidly prepare aseptic, thin slices of live tissues for biochemical, pharmacological, toxicological, neurological, and other in vitro studies.

Precise Inhale®

Smart exposure platform for small-scale inhalation experiments by precisely dosing animals in vivo, lungs ex vivo, and depositing material for in vitro exposure and dissolution testing.