Fully Automated Infrared Activity Frame for Mice & Rats

actimot TSE Systems

Advanced Activity and Movement Monitoring

The multi-purpose ActiMot2 system registers, spontaneous or induced, animal movement with a 3-dimensional grid of light-beam sensors. Horizontal and vertical movements are reliably detected with high spatial and temporal resolution.

ActiMot2 is available for Open Field experiments to study spontaneous activity, exploration, and anxiety. Square-shaped light-beam frames in two sizes with up to two additional rearing levels are combined with Open Field arenas for rats and mice. The dedicated advanced software with over 100 integrated result parameters is customized with various built-in options, including defining regions of interest and detecting thresholds to fine-tune activity and speed parameters.

One Solution – Many Possibilities

Open Field Test: for unconditioned activity, exploration, and anxiety studies

Light Dark Test: for innate anxiety studies

Hole Board Test: for spontaneous exploration studies

Olfactory Hole Board Test: for avoidance memory studies

Place Preference Test: for aversive, addictive properties of drugs studies

HomeCage Locomotion Test: for general motor activity studies

User-Friendly and Flexible Software

The ActiMot2 advanced software offers a seamless user experience with customizable analysis features, simplifying complex tasks and enhancing efficiency. Here’s how:

  • Customize zone-specific activity analysis by defining regions of interest effortlessly.
  • Fine-tune activity detection with adjustable thresholds for various parameters such as rearing duration and hypoactivity/activity.
  • Choose your preferred spatial resolution by activating all or a selected set of infrared light beams.
  • Adjust temporal resolution by lowering the scan rate to include only necessary location coordinates.
  • Automatically apply light/dark period definitions to streamline data analysis.
  • Initiate frames manually with a mouse click or automatically upon the animal’s first detection for flexible start conditions.

Features & Benefits

Variability: suitable for a variety of behavioral paradigms

Arena Flexibility: ideal for any home cage or various test arenas

High Temporal and Spatial Resolution: movement detection in 3 dimensions with up to 2 rearing levels

In-Depth Analysis: more than 100 output parameters

TTL Trigger Option: control of 3rd party instruments, e.g. optogenetics

Integrated GLP Feature: audit trail & user administration help to fulfill GLP requirements

Data Analysis and Representation

Time of Stay Analysis in an Open Field 2-dimensional

Time of Stay Analysis in an Open Field 3-dimensional

Pattern of Hole Visits in Olfactory Hole Board

Time of Stay Analysis in an Open Field 2-dimensional

Time of Stay Analysis in an Open Field 3-dimensional

Pattern of Hole Visits in Olfactory Hole Board

ActiMot2 provides a comprehensive suite of rigorously validated behavioral assays designed to help you understand the complexities of animal behavior across diverse scientific research fields.


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