Advanced Multipurpose Platform for Rodent Metabolic, Behavioral & Physiological Studies

PhenoMaster History

We built first system for monitoring breathing parameters.
First fully automated system for monitoring food, drink and XYZ activity in rats.
We developed first indirect calorimetry system CaloSys for mice.
Together with Prof. M.Tschöp we developed our first LabMaster with CaloSys, Drink/Food and XYZ.
Integration of new automated modules: body weight, running wheel, operant wall.
Further development of rat system. Start EU project RatStream.
Further development of mouse system within Start EU project PhenoScale.
Implementation of an alarm module for real-time vital parameter alerts.
First continuous indirect calorimetry system with 1 sec time resolution. New brand name – PhenoMaster.
PhenoMaster was placed in a custom-built Isolator for germ-free mice.
We pioneered the use of CH₄ & H₂ gas sensors for in-vivo detection at mice.
We pioneered the use of Isotope Sensors in combination with indirect calorimetry in rodents.
Introducing PhenoMaster Next Generation with new design and configuration.
New group-housing cage system for mice.
New development – Weightlifting module for resistance exercise test.
New High-Speed sensors for indirect calorimetry.
New TSE Analytics package.

Unmatched Precision in Rodent Metabolic Phenotyping

PhenoMaster is a leading force at the forefront of rodent metabolic, behavioral, and physiological phenotyping, delivering unparalleled accuracy, unrivaled resolution, and the most precise and consistent data.

Trusted Data. Reliable Results. PhenoMaster’s robust design ensures consistent and high-throughput data you can confidently rely on. Trusted by leading researchers worldwide, this system fuels significant advancements in the field.

PhenoMaster is an original and continuously evolving platform, built with the future in mind. Our pioneering spirit ensures access to the most advanced technology for your metabolic phenotyping studies.

Smart Cage Architecture

Available for Mice and Rats

Weight sensors
High-precision sensors, capturing micro events: feeding, drinking and body weight. With onboard 32-bit digitization, linearization, for precise measurement at the highest sampling rate.
Cage Lid
Made of transparent components for light influx optimization and better preservation of circadian rhythms. All modules are fixed to the lid for an optimal airflow through the cage.
Body weight
Red tubular housing invites animals to rest and measures accurately the body weight of visiting animals. Acts as a cage enrichment and improves animal welfare.
Infrared Activity Frame
XYZ frame with 5mm physical resolution (1.25mm spatial resolution) for finest locomotor activity analysis at 100Hz sampling rate.
Running Wheel
For activity and exercise monitoring. Available in different configurations: for voluntary, workload and motor skill running, including enable/disable function.
Supportive Frame
for fast cage cleaning and easy handling during experiments.
Individual Cage Controller
It is the smart brain of every cage and powers all sensors. Sensors use a modern architecture that allows them to be removed and added without interfering with other sensors’ data collection ability.
Climate Board for 24/7 animal welfare monitoring
Continuously measures the temperature, ambient pressure, and humidity in the home cage. Can additionally be used to quantify water balance.
Access Control
An automated door restricts access to food and/or water based on time, amount, or average consumption of individuals and/or control group.
Food Container
with SpillProtect technology. Available in different configurations for a broad variety of food types.

Unparalleled Accuracy, Unwavering Reliability

Widest array of in-cage modules available in the market

Flexible and scalable architecture for an easy upgrade and extension in the future

Adjustable system size from 4 to 64 cages

Market-leading capacity: 18 Mouse cages fit in one chamber

Best temporal resolution and unsurpassed gas analyzer reliability

Proven Innovation: published research with our pioneered C12/C13 and H2 sensor modules

New Cutting-Edge Data Analysis Package. Powerful. Flexible. User-Friendly.

TSE Analytics streamlines multi-dataset management, facilitating collaboration and ensuring reproducibility – all in one user-friendly package. Effortless automatic metadata extraction and dataset processing provides you full control over your analysis by enabling you to filter or group the data by animal/experiment and defining custom time bins for a more narrow-down analysis. Advanced analytics and visualization capabilities include versatile tools, histograms, correlation calculations, robust ANOVA/ANCOVA options, and dimensionality reduction.
TSE Analytics unlocks the full potential of your research by simplifying complex data analysis.

Mean Energy Expenditure of animals grouped by the temperature factor.

Correlation of energy expenditure and activity.

Boxplot of individual RER data.

Mean Energy Expenditure of animals grouped by the temperature factor.

Correlation of energy expenditure and activity.

Boxplot of individual RER data.

High-Definition Metabolic Phenotyping

Our cutting-edge technology captures highly detailed metabolic activity, providing a comprehensive picture of your research subjects.

PhenoMaster Software continuously captures and stores high-definition raw data individually for every cage throughout your experiment, hereby setting the highest standard in metabolic research and comprehensive phenotyping. Synchronized data acquisition and analysis of all cages and user-defined modules allows real-time monitoring of your ongoing experiments that can be easily displayed in graph, table, and numerical form.
Multiple modules communicate and interact according to customized rules: e.g., events detected in one module trigger actions in one or several other modules giving space for tremendous diversity in experimental designs.

Support Package to Ensure Your Research Success

Lab Environmental Monitor for Real-time Tracking of Crucial Experiment-Influencing Parameters

Smooth Integration of Third-Party Devices Software and Hardware

Premium Warranty and Service Package, incl. immediate remote assistance

Application-focused Scientific Training and 24/7 Support

Preventive Maintenance Packages and Regular Software Updates

Annual User Workshops and Collaboration Opportunities

Check Out Our Selection of Cages

Iso Mouse Cage

Iso-Cage, equipped with a special HEPA filter for animal or environment protection, suitable for germ-free applications. Can be used in a Pull or Push mode.

Opto Mouse Cage

Equipped with Operant Wall and/or Counterbalance arm to allow tubing or fiber integration. Available in various configurations.

Metabolic PhenoCage

For precise urine and feces separation and collection for further microbiome analysis. A high-speed cooling unit can freeze the samples quickly following collection.

Group-housing Cage for Mice

This innovative cage allows group housing for mice while enabling individual animal identification and analysis through integrated RFID antennas.

Rat Cage Type 3

Classic rat metabolic cage can be configured with various modules and is perfect for use in climate cabinets.

Rat Cage Type 4

This metabolic cage provides ample space and a comfortable environment for obese rats.

Mouse Cage Type 2

Classic metabolic cage for mouse is available in different configurations tailored to specific research applications.

“The TSE PhenoMaster system has been critical to advancing our science, and our ability to precisely quantify a broad range of metabolic outcomes in our rodent models. The service team has aided us every step of the way in troubleshooting and keeping us up and running. Working with Gary has been amazing. He assisted us every step of the way from evaluating a purchase to ensuring prompt and attentive service even after the purchase.”

Brian DeBosch
Associate Professor | Washington University School of Medicine

“For over a decade, we have relied on the TSE Phenomaster equipment to evaluate feeding behavior and in vivo use of energy substrates through indirect calorimetry and locomotor activity analysis. The integration of the different technical features into home cages to carry out a variety of measurements immediately caught our attention, as this solution greatly facilitates the adaptation of the mice to their environment.”

Dr. Daniela Cota
Team Leader / Team Energy balance and obesity | University of Bordeaux

“We love to work with our 24 PhenoMaster home cages for focused mouse nutritional and physiological studies! Highly accurate and extendible. We already implemented fermentation gas sensors for gut microbial activity and isotopic sensors for metabolic fluxes and still continue to add more parameters.”

Dr. Evert van Schothorst
Associate Professor | Human and Animal Physiology, Wageningen University

Compatible with

Stellar Telemetry

Multichannel implantable telemetry for In-vivo monitoring of physiological parameters.

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Wireless battery-free optogenetics system for freely moving animals in any setup.

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Unique and customized automated phenotyping solution for mice or rats.

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Fully automated system for group-housed rodent behavioral and cognitive phenotyping allowing to preserve social environment.

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Key Publications

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Verlande, A., Chun, S. K., Song, W. A., Oettler, D., Knot, H. J., & Masri, S. (2022). Exogenous detection of 13C-glucose metabolism in tumor and diet-induced obesity models. Frontiers in Physiology, 13.

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