dekra siegelCertification

TSE Systems International Group received the DEKRA quality management certificate ISO 9001:2015.

The TSE International Group was certified in the field of development, production, marketing and distribution of Sophisticated Life Science Research Instrumentation.

The company has successfully implemented the required quality management system according to the regular quality standard and has proven to apply it effectively. The conformity was inspected during the certification audit and officially documented in audit report No. A19021300.

Producing Excellence

During more than 130 years, TSE Systems has developed outstanding expertise in the production of sophisticated research instrumentation.

It is our commitment to produce the highest quality of equipment for every order:

  • We manufacture with state-of-the-art technology using the most advanced production processes in the industry
  • Due to our specific technological know-how, we deliver solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers
  • Our manufacturing facilities produce according to strictest hygiene, environmental and safety requirements
  • We manufacture our products to German engineering, design, and quality standards
  • We continuously invest in state-of-the-art production technologies to ensure that our products perform consistently better
  • Our instruments are designed and manufactured to optimize our customers’ research experiments
  • Our manufacturing practices conserve resources as well as raw materials and protect the environment
  • At TSE Systems, quality is also about people, who identify themselves with their products. In each market we serve and participate, our people offer an outstanding service. Therefore, our products are backed up with an outstanding support and service package, including the 24h / 7 days service.
  • Experienced sales representatives guide you to the right product for your specific needs
  • The TSE customer service team ensures delivery on-time
  • Every product and system is backed with our excellent technical support and service 24h / 7days
  • We have proven our commitment to producing excellence and quality as follows.
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • Business field: development, production, marketing and distribution of Sophisticated Life Science Research Instrumentation.

GLP* Compliance

(*good laboratory practice)

In many laboratories, the need for stringent documentation of quality control and assurance becomes more and more relevant. We estimate that at least 10% of all samples tested in the pharmaceutical industry must be run according to GLP. Furthermore, GLP compliance is a prerequisite for many accreditation efforts.

TSE Systems can assist your GLP compliance by providing the following:

  • GLP compliance software: for example, no access to raw data; audit trail; user manager; etc.
  • Manufacturer ISO certification
  • Clarification of validation documentation supplied
  • Drafts of SOP documents
  • Archived validation documentation (15 years)
  • GLP calibration certificates
  • Parts traceability
  • Validation documentation and on-site performance including installation qualification, operation qualification and Daco software validation

Speak to your local representative for further details or use the contact form.