Precise Inhale®

Advanced Inhaler Aerosol Generator

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Precise Inhale

Precision Dosing for In-Vivo & In-Vitro Studies

With its precisely controlled aerosol, PreciseInhale® offers versatility across various exposure modules. Whether sourced from dry powders, inhalers, or nebulized solutions, the aerosol optimization caters to a diverse array of substrates. Serving as an exposure platform, PreciseInhale® facilitates small-scale inhalation experiments, delivering accurate doses for in vivo animal studies, ex vivo lung experiments, and material deposition for in vitro exposure and dissolution testing.


Accuracy in dose delivered to the lungs

Full PK test with minimal amounts of substance

Consistency of aerosol generation across different formulations: from aqueous formulations (solutions or suspensions) to dry powders

Substance delivered to the deep lungs

Strong de-aggregation capability: possibility to aerosolize APIs without formulation

Minimization of gastrointestinal exposure: accurate PK curves

Key publications

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