Smart Waiter

Automatic System for Controlled Feeding and Drinking Patterns in Rodent Studies

Smart Waiter TSE Systems

Precise Feeding with Wireless Ease

Smart Waiter System, equipped with built-in access control and weight measurement system that allows you to follow a specific feeding regime in terms of time and/or amount of feed. regulates feeding in home cages. Managing up to 64 units, the control unit employs user-defined protocols, offering daily versatility in a wire-free environment.

Unique Features

Wireless connection

Touch screen

Plug and Play technology – up to 64 cells with one control unit

Alerts come directly to your phone or PC

Web data server

Rechargeable batteries

Seamless Control at Your Fingertips

From the control unit or any connected device (using internet browser app), a user-friendly interface allows the experiment configuration, visualization and data downloading.

The Application Dashboard displays the status of all connected devices (up to 64), allowing users to effortlessly visualize the experiment’s condition.

Tailor your unlimited protocols with Smart Door Opening features, including the start time of the experiment, duration, and optional max intake.

Application Scheduler allows to plan a different protocol per day and per feeder:

You can access and download data easily from any connected device, even during an ongoing experiment.


Adaptable to any animal facility standard cages

Cost-effective solution suitable for widespread application

Specially designed for long-term experiments

Up to 2 weeks of uninterrupted operation

Controlling and visualizing from any internet-connected device

Full autoclavability

Key publication

Ribas-Aulinas, F., Ribo, S., Parra-Vargas, M., Fernández-Pérez, A., Cebrià, J., Guardiola-Perello, M., … & Jimenez-Chillaron, J. C. (2021). Neonatal overfeeding during lactation rapidly and permanently misaligns the hepatic circadian rhythm and programmes adult NAFLD. Molecular Metabolism, 45, 101162.

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