EEG Data Logger

NeuroLogger is a unique and elegant solution for wireless recording of EEG activity in animals as small as mice. The NeuroLogger can be used in freely moving animals performing a variety of behavioral paradigms as well as in the field of animal models for epilepsy and sleep disorders.

The NeuroLogger is a plug on/off data logger allowing 4 channel EEG/EMG recording and is characterized by a straightforward and inexpensive way to change batteries between recording cycles. An external event recorder securities data synchronization with external parameters such as video-tracking and others.

The NeuroLogger can be used in combination with behavioral and metabolic analysis systems such as the Multi Conditioning System or the PhenoMaster.

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Wireless data logger.
EEG/EMG recording in freely moving animals.
Recording during behavioral testing.
Infrared communication with external event recorder.
Movement sensor.
Up to 90 hours uninterrupted recording.


Sleep stage analysis.

Disease models

Huntington’s .