Low-Flow Anesthesia System

  • SomnoSuite anesthesia delivery system

SomnoSuite is an innovative low-flow anesthesia delivery system designed specifically for mice and rats. Unlike traditional vaporizers, the SomnoSuite is engineered with a precision syringe pump and integrated digital vaporizer which uses either room air or compressed gas to deliver anesthesia at low flow rates proportionate to the animal’s size. Using less anesthesia not only benefits the animal during procedures, but significantly reduces the risk of exposure to lab personnel from waste anesthesia gas.

The SomnoSuite smart low-flow anesthesia system can deliver isoflurane using ambient air or compressed oxygen, increasing the flexibility of your setup. It is electronically calibrated, so no annual calibration or re-certification is required. This low-flow electronic vaporizer maintains accurate anesthesia delivery with solid-state electronics, hardware, and software, instead of passive vaporization and moving mechanical parts.

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SomnoSuite modules

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Integrated Digital Vaporizer.
Built-In Air Compressor.
Flow Rates from 25 mL to 1 L.
Safer for the Animal and the Technician.
Real-Time Recordings and Data Output Capabilities.


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