Our Story

TSE Systems CEO Harm J. Knot

For 133 years, TSE Systems has been creating innovative solutions for preclinical in-vivo biomedical research. We are the market leader of phenotyping equipment for metabolic and behavioral research, integrated wireless telemetry, and inhalation toxicology.   

Our research systems are key to exploring new treatments and drugs to increase the quantity of life. We do this in a sustainable way with respect for our environment and the utmost respect for the research subjects used with our equipment. TSE drives the 3R process with innovations that bring the experiment to the animal, home cage use for mice and ratssuper-enriched environments, alldigital, and highly repeatable.

Our Value Offering

TSE Systems helps researchers see science from all sides of research.  Our multidisciplinary tools empower researchers to conduct multiple experiments, multiple paradigms – all from a single tool.  Observe individual, group-housed, or colonies in their natural settings. Our suite of products are modular in design and can be expanded for core facilities with minimum cost and infrastructure.

Our Global Footprint

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