Indirect Gas Calorimetry

The most accurate and reliable respirometry system measures the animal’s Oxygen consumption and Carbon Dioxide production to calculate key metabolic parameters, including the Respiratory Exchange Ratio and Energy Expenditure.

CaloSys Pro: Flexible, Fast & Accurate Rodent Metabolic Research

CaloSys Professional is a fully automated, high-throughput indirect calorimetry system offering unmatched flexibility. Whether you require continuous real-time monitoring or prefer multiplexed measurements at set intervals, CaloSys adapts to your research needs with both PUSH and PULL modes.

Our system boasts a variety of gas sensors, making it suitable for a wide range of research applications in rodent metabolism. Plus, the upgradable architecture ensures access to cutting-edge technology.

Unparalleled Accuracy, Transparent Results: Focus on your groundbreaking discoveries with confidence, knowing CaloSys delivers raw, unprocessed data. Our cutting-edge sensor technology boasts exceptional speed and accuracy, eliminating the need for further manipulation.

Conduct your research with confidence, knowing your results are based on reliable data.

Unique Features

User-adjustable Air Flow 0-5 l/m

PULL and PUSH calorimetry (for conventional or hypoxia studies)

Continuous, Multiplexed sampling or Accelerated Multiplexed sampling

Variety of High-Speed sensors with longest possible life span

Clean physical elimination of humidity (instead of chemical or calculations)

Fastest automated sensors calibration

Measure as Fast as You Need.

Phenomaster offers several versions of gas sensor configurations that differ in time resolution and measurement speed. The advantage lies in the diverse modes and the seamless transition between them. CaloSys Professional’s unique scalability allows users to upgrade from Classic Multiplex to Accelerated Multiplex and Continuous Calorimetry. This flexibility is paramount as research goals shift over time, ensuring your system evolves with scientific inquiries.

Classic Multiplexed System

Versatile & Cost-Effective: this reliable respirometry system shares high-speed gas sensors (O2, CO2, or others) across cages. It’s future-proof, allowing you to add more sensors or cages for adaptable and economical metabolic studies.

Accelerated Multiplexed System

Cut measurement time in half or more! This system seamlessly integrates 2+ sensors and strategically groups cages for faster analysis (4-32 cages). It even allows continuous monitoring of 2+ cages simultaneously. Plus, seamlessly add a metabolic treadmill for real-time exercise calorimetry, expanding your research capabilities.

Continuous Real-Time System

Get the most detailed data possible with our Continuous Calorimetry System. Each cage has its own dedicated gas analyzer, capturing data in real-time at an impressive 1-second resolution. Never miss a beat – this system captures 100% of your experiment data.

Classic Multiplexed System

Accelerated Multiplexed System

Continuous Real-Time System

Discover Extra Advantages

Directly Available and Accessible Raw Sensor Data

Environmental Monitoring Module

Alarm Module

Extension with H2, CH4, C13 gas sensors

Programmable Mass Flow Controllers

Temperature and Humidity Measurement

Real-Time RER: Fasting & Refeeding Effects in Mice.

Witness the power of comprehensive metabolic data in a single window! This graph showcases the impact of fasting, refeeding, and temperature on mice in real time. Observe the evident decrease in Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER) during fasting, followed by the rise upon refeeding. This level of detailed insight is achieved through our high-resolution (1-second) indirect calorimetry system, capturing every data point throughout the experiment.

Powerful PhenoMaster Software.

PhenoMaster software empowers researchers to achieve breakthrough results in metabolic research. Our intuitive interface guides users in optimizing cage settings, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of your data. PhenoMaster connects existing modules like activity, exercise, and ingestive behavior trackers, allowing you to establish robust correlations between various physiological parameters.

This unmatched level of adaptability extends beyond the cage. CaloSys Pro integrates with special gas sensors, allowing you to share them seamlessly across diverse research settings – from standard home cages to metabolic wheels or treadmills. This flexibility empowers researchers to conduct multifaceted metabolic studies tailored to specific needs.

Seamlessly Analyze All Aspects of Metabolism in One Unified Platform.