Aerosol Sampling System

BFE Bio Kit

  • Electronic flow control sampler

BFE Bio Kit Aerosol Sampling System (in accordance with: EN 14683 • ASTM F2100 • ASTM F2101 • EN ISO 9237) measures bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) on surgical face masks, surgical gowns, and air filters.

The BFE test can be performed by a microbiological lab and calculated by the percentage of the number of bacteria (counted as colony-forming units CFU) passing through the medical face mask material when exposed to a defined bacteria aerosol.

This functional product can be applied to industries studying bioaerosols such as allergology, industrial aerobiology, cultural heritage, bioclimatology, physics and chemistry of the atmosphere, ecology, epidemiology, biological pollution, microbiology, plant pathology, biological terrorism, indoor/outdoor air quality.


Microprocessor data management.
High precision in the measurement of flow and volume.
HEPA filter at the exhaust end of the vacuum pump.
Flowmeter and Differential Pressure reader integrated.
Multiple repetition of tests with aid of configured functions.
Download report USB.


Industrial aerobiology.
Biological pollution.
Plant pathology.
Indoor/outdoor air quality.