Cell Culture Units

Culture Exposure Systems

  • Cell Culture Unit for Inhalation System

Our Cell Culture Exposure system offers an efficient, user-friendly tool for supplementing and amplifying research programs in inhalation toxicology and screening tests. It is perfectly suited for comparing in vitro and in vivo data by using modular components from our inhalation systems like dust and liquid aerosol and VOC generators, cigarette smoke generators, humidity control systems and various analytical instruments.

The system allows the simultaneous exposure of cell cultures to aerosols or vapors in 2 standard transwell culture plates with 6, 12, or 24 wells with Air Liquid Interface (ALI) membrane inserts. The system can be controlled with our Daco inhalation software.

The Cell Culture unit is made of stainless steel and features integrated heating and homogeneous substance dispersion for gentle ALI exposure by diffusion and particle settling.


Can be combined with multi-stage dilution systems.
Longer exposure time.
Automatic media refill and integrated heating can be implemented.

Compatible with