Cigarette Smoke Generators

Continuous smoking of cigarettes for inhalation exposures

TSE Systems offers two types of Cigarette Smoke Generators:

  • The fully automatic 10-port Cigarette Smoke Generator is used for continuous smoking of cigarettes for chronical inhalation exposure tests. This generator offers automatic filling, igniting, smoking, ejecting, and reloading of cigarettes through our SMG software. The proper operation status – butt length, cigarette loading, number of burning cigarettes, etc. – is monitored by sensitive and specially configured sensors.
  • The semi-automatic 2-port Cigarette Smoke Generator is used for short exposures of cigarette smoke and small nose only and cell culture exposure systems.

Both cigarette smoke generators offer a smoking routine and puff profile according to DIN ISO 3308 and other protocols.

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Continuous cigarette smoking for several hours..
Cigarette magazine for up to 200 cigarettes for continuous reloading during operation..
For use with research cigarettes and standard cigarettes of different sizes and diameters..