Dust Aerosol Generators

Dry compacted substances and/or loose materials

TSE Systems offers two types of dust aerosol generators:

    • Dust Generator acc. to Budiman are designed for working with finely powdered and dry substances, that can be compressed to dry dust cakes. They are a further development of the well-known Wright dust feeder. They are made from robust, wear-resistant material and operate with an exact and accurate mechanism. The dust reservoir advances on a stability platform towards the scraper, while the scraper is rotated on a central axis. The dust is removed from the scraper through the axis and is dispersed by the high-velocity flow inside the outlet nozzle, into the exposure unit.
    • Dust Generator acc. to Bundschuh are designed for use with loose materials and for generating high aerosol concentrations as well as for long-term tests. It has been designed to disperse amounts from 10 g to 550 g per hour and can also be used with finely ground fibrous substances and without previous test substance compression. The substance reservoir is equipped with a stirrer and ventilation for continuous dust conditioning during the experiment and the test substance is dispersed by a venturi nozzle which is driven by compressed air.

Maximize your convenience: The generators can be used in manual or automatic mode by using a feedback loop to the system concentration measuring unit and our DACO Inhalation Software.

Integration into inhalation exposure systems that are already in use is possible with adapter kits being available on request.


Short or long exposures.
High or low dust concentrations.
Used in manual or automatic mode.
Integration into inhalation exposure systems.

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