Liquid Aerosol Generators

Various generators for nebulization/vaporization of liquids

Various generators are available for the nebulization or vaporization of liquids such as aqueous solutions or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

As standard TSE Systems aerosol nozzles are provided for the efficient nebulization of liquids in air. An essential feature of the nozzles is a very uniform cone-shaped cloud of test substance and very small droplet sizes. As well as the generation of liquid aerosols via an aerosol nozzle, TSE Systems also offers further instruments for aerosolizing liquids, such as Ultrasonic nebulizers for the application of small amounts of aerosol and for research into inhaled medications. Collison nebulizers are recommended for the loss-free nebulization of larger amounts of substance from a liquid reservoir that can be refilled while the test is running (optional). TSE Systems can also provide generators for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, hydrocarbons, etc. for toxicological research, e.g. in investigations into the maximum workplace concentrations of chemicals. As a special solution in the aerosol generation field, TSE Systems offers activators for the automatically controlled triggering of MDIs. In cooperation with experts from leading research institutes and universities, TSE Systems has developed nanoparticle generators as well as analytical instruments for research into inhalable nanoparticles.

All the generators can be equipped with the necessary adapters for connecting them to either the Aerosol Conditioning or Exposure Units, including those already in the customer’s hands. For each generator, appropriate dilution or conditioning units are available to adapt the aerosol or vapor properties to the test requirements.


Various generators are available for the nebulization or vaporization of liquids.
Control and online monitoring of all aerosol or vapor generators is possible with the Daco software.

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