Colony Housing Automatized Behavioral Phenotyping

  • a big phenoworld for rats with intellicage, running wheels, animalgate areas
  • PhenoWorld - Colony Housing Automatized Behavioral Phenotyping

PhenoWorld is a unique combination approach that integrates the functionality of a variety of automated phenotyping systems into one multidimensional setup level. The complete system is operated by one master software that operates all modules, synchronizes, and integrates all incoming data allowing fully automated experimentation without human interference.

Behavior, cognition, metabolism and physiology modules from the TSE PhenoMaster and IntelliCage can be implemented into multiple homes or satellite cages or maze, which are strategically interconnected. Multiple paradigms can be combined and/or run at the same time.

In PhenoWorld, animals live in social groups, which allows them to develop and display species-specific natural social behavior – a prerequisite for animal welfare and high translational value of experimental data. Every animal is tagged with an RFID transponder and is recognized for individualized data acquisition.

Animals travel between PhenoWorld compartments and levels through a number of different gating structures: (1) automated Animal Gates allow restricted access to compartments depending on time and Animal ID; (2) tubes (3) tunnels, and (4) stairways.

Every PhenoWorld setup is unique and is tailored to the specific needs of each customer. PhenoWorlds can be configured on one level or may extend across several levels adding further enrichment while saving space.

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Integrates several modules.
Interconnectable with RFID-based AnimalGates.


Animal Welfare.
Social Behavior.

Disease models

Mood disorders.
Cognitive deficits.