Stable Isotope Tracing

For Advanced Substrate Utilization Studies

Stable isotope tracing studies play a crucial role in understanding metabolic pathways and evaluating the effects of interventions, such as drugs or dietary changes, offering insights into various diseases and conditions. We understand the profound importance of this research, and that’s why we took the pioneering step of integrating the 13C sensor with indirect calorimetry in our system. Integrating the 13C sensor with a high-speed O2/CO2 sensor provides a cost-conscious, all-in-one solution, including 12C/13C isotope differentiation, facilitating comprehensive metabolic analysis with unparalleled precision.

13 CO2 enrichment in mice exhaled air after ingesting 13C labeled glucose or palmitate-containing food measured by indirect calorimetry, including the 12C/13C gas sensor.


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