PhenoMaster Valuable Add-Ons

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CaloTreadmill for Exercise Respirometry

The Metabolic Treadmill is a fully computerized and electronically controlled system investigating exercise calorimetry in mice and rats. CaloTreadmills are enclosed by an air-tight transparent housing that can be connected to a fully automated indirect gas calorimetry system  operated by PhenoMaster software. Calorimetric parameters, such as oxygen consumption (VO2), carbon dioxide production (VCO2), respiratory exchange rate (RQ) and energy expenditure (EE) are determined at fixed temporal intervals while the test animal is moving according to an experimenter-defined activity profile.

Counterbalance Arm

In applications requiring animals to behave freely within test cages, preventing wire tangling is crucial. Our weight-coupled arms seamlessly integrate into PhenoMaster experiments, offering unmatched flexibility. They enable smooth drug infusion, blood sampling without animal handling, and support for optogenetics, fiber photometry, or electrophysiology alongside metabolic or behavioral studies. Adjustable in height, length, and counterweight, these arms ensure customized setups while equipped with holders for fluid swivels or optogenetic joints for seamless integration with ActiMot3 frames or cage lids.

Isolators for Gnotobiotic & Germ-Free Animals

PhenoMaster systems and their modules fit inside a modified Isolator for optimal animal and experimenter safety. We offer customized adapter panels and various sizes of top-quality flexible canopy on a stainless-steel frame tailored to your setup. Supply and exhaust air undergo pre-filtration, with optional HEPA filters for ultra-clean air quality.
For metabolic phenotyping of germ-free & gnotobiotic rodents, we provide specialized ISO-Cages featuring HEPA filters. These airtight cages are designed explicitly for phenotyping these animals, ensuring their protection with push mode indirect calorimetry and/or HEPA filters. Additionally, we offer CH4 or H₂ gas sensors to monitor microbiome activity.

Integration with Third-Party Instruments

We offer various solutions to connect a PhenoMaster setup with third-party instruments required for experiments. Full integration isn’t necessary; communication can be via TTL signals controlled by the software, programmed by users based on experimental needs. For instance, activating a syringe pump during an operant task with the Operant Wall to monitor cognitive effects. Or coupling drug infusion/laser activation to animal location in metabolic cage using customized regions of interest for experiments like food preference. Optogenetics laser generators can be activated based on consumption measured by Drinking & Feeding sensors, considering user-defined thresholds. Alternatively, laser activation or electrophysiology recordings can be triggered according to pre-defined schedules. TSE Multi-Channel TTL Units offer 8, 16, or 24 channels, expandable by coupling units together.

Lab Environment Monitor

Ensure the success of your calorimetry experiments with the TSE Systems Lab Environment Monitor. It tracks critical environmental factors—CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, room light, sound, and human activity—essential for accurate research outcomes. Integrated seamlessly with PhenoMaster software, it provides auditable log files for comprehensive data tracking. A stable laboratory environment is crucial for precise indirect calorimetry experiments. Fluctuations in air quality, temperature, and light can skew measurements, leading to data outliers. The Lab Environment Monitor documents and monitors these conditions, ensuring reliable research outcomes and can be added to the system any time.