Infrared Motion Sensor

The TSE InfraMot system is designed to register the total activity of one or more small laboratory animals under any lighting conditions by reliably sensing the movement of heat radiated from the animal bodies. The sensor does not differentiate between horizontal or vertical movement, any activity in the cage is summarized to a gross activity counter instead, making the system especially suited for long-term monitoring of circadian activity.

As part of the PhenoMaster NG research platform, the miniaturized and light-weight sensor unit is mounted on top of a PhenoMaster homecage lid. It can be combined and synchronized with any other measurement module of the PhenoMaster family for a comprehensive evaluation of metabolism, physiology and behavior.

InfraMot is also available as a stand-alone system that can be coupled to standard homecage lids for continuous measurement of gross activity in up to 512 measuring places for high-throughput setups. In this version, it can also be configured for any other arena such as an operant cage.

Measured data can be output in an Actogram, basic statistics are available as tables or in graphical form and export files are easily generated for import into statistics programs for further evaluation.

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Long-term activity measurement under stress-free conditions .
Ideally suited for circadian studies.
Can be operated under any light conditions .
Parallel measurement in a large number of cages.
Miniature sensor unit for PhenoMaster cage lids.
Multi-purpose sensor units for standard cages.


Circadian Rhythm.
Spontaneous Activity.

Module of